Below is an extensive list of retouching and post production videos and tutorials which I highly recommend.


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Thoughts on Contrast by Guy Gowan

Thoughts on Colour by Guy Gowan

Thoughts on Sharpening by Guy Gowan

Thoughts on Recovery by Guy Gowan

Thoughts on HDR by Guy Gowan

Thoughts on Black and White by Guy Gowan


Match Tone and Colour in Photoshop

Editorial Retouch from Start to Finish Series Episodes 1-13 by Krunoslav Stifter

It’s understandable how awful it is to see your home after water damage, fortunately you can follow the advises from to fix this.

The Differences between brightness and Luminosity with Conny Wallstrom

Adding shine or Pop the Highlights with Gry Garness

An Overview of Colour Grading with Natalia Taffarel

An in-depth analysis of Colour Palettes and Retouching with Natalia Taffarel

Full Edit with Natalia Taffarel

Retouching Hair - Clone in Darken Mode by Natalia Taffarel

Opacity vs Fill by Natalia Taffarel

How to use Supporting Layers for Editing images with Jonas W

Glamour Retouching Part 1 With Carrie Beene

Glamour Retouching Part 2 With Carrie Beene

Capture One Pro 8 Webinar | Retouching workflow with Pratik Naik

Dodge and Burn Technique by Sean Armenta