Grade for Han

Here is a recent grade of my recent fashion shoot with HAN. The aim of this grade (edit) of this image was to seperate the difference of contrast between the model and the background.


Camera - 5dmk2 with a Canon F2.8 16-35mm Lens
Exposure - F6.3 @ 1/125 second 100ISO


• The image was initially processed using Aperture. It was then opened in photoshop and processed using a workflow action designed specifically for this job.
• A blank layer was used to clean up both the tape on the floor (as a marker for the model to stand on) as well as the electrical piping that ran across the wall. A simple method of stamping the layer and selecting a good piece of wall or floor detail, moving it into place over the area and then selectively masked to hide the issue.
My grunge action was used to create a soft monochromatic grade across the image, the layer was set to softlight blending mode and 50% opacity layer opacity.
• I used a channel mixer adjustment layer set to 50% R, 50% G on the Red Channel and 50% G, 50% B on the blue channel to desaturate the image. It was the targeted to the shadows using Blend If
• A levels adjustment was set to 60% opacity with 32, 224 set respectively for the output levels. This adjustment layer created a light haze over the image.
• A solid colour #4b4b4b was set to 30% opacity and set to Lighten Blending mode. Both of these two layers were grouped together and masked so that it only affected the background.
• A 15% Highlight adjustment curve was added to give the highlights some added contrast.
• The layer stack was then stamp merged visible using the shortcut (Command/Ctrl + Option/Alt + Shift + E) and I applied a level of midtone contrast of Clarity +60. This was then targeted to only the highlights. The layer was then set to 50% opacity.
• Finally a blank layer was used to clean up the imperfections on the model face.
• All of the layers were then grouped inside a folder and then masked at 50% density. The model therefore is only being affected at 50% and the background is being completely adjusted.

han layer stack 2han layer stack


Before / After