"Discover some of the styles below that are included in DxO Optics Pro or included in DxO FilmPack. You can apply these renderings to your photos in just one click, and you can also edit and customize them. Take a look, too, at some of the additional styles that you can download. These renderings have been carefully crafted by our Image Masters to work with all use cases — Portrait & Landscape, Black & White, Atmospheres, Single-shot HDR, etc." - http://www.dxo.com/intl/photography/styles

Recently the developers of DxO Labs released an update to DxO Optics Pro 10. This included various standardised atmospheric styles or presets. I have successfully been able to recreate these filters as Photoshop Actions. These will provide the same outcomes as using DXO Styles but in Photoshop. It is simply a one-click effect to alter the contrast, tone and saturation of your image.

dxo atmospheres preview


+ Atmospheres • DXO - Generates the build for the action. It creates the appropriate contrast, tone and saturation layers
Reset • Atmospheres -
Resets the build for the action.
•Mist - A film-like matte effect
•London Night
- a bleach bypass effect
•Blue Hour - a slight cool (blue) grade
•Twilight - a slight warm (brown) grade
•Old Film - Antique tone effect
•Polar - A monochromatic blue tinted tone
•Heather Purple - A punch of contrast with slight purple tones in the shadows
•Old Film - A warm brown desaturated antique tone

*Please be aware that when each desired effect is pressed, it will regenerate the appropriate grade.*


Method #1
1. Open your downloaded folder or file and navigate to the actions file. It will end in the .atn file extension.
2. Double-click the .atn file and then open Photoshop.
3. Now the set of Photoshop actions should show up in the actions panel and should be ready to use.
To access the actions panel, simply go the top bar in Photoshop and click Window > Actions. The panel should then appear somewhere within Photoshop.

*Remember to 'Enable Button Mode' (simply navigate to the drop-down menu within the Actions Panel) so that each of the actions are instantaneous*

Method # 2
1. Start this method by opening Photoshop and navigating to the drop-down menu in the Actions Panel.
2. Next click the load actions link that is highlighted in the image above.
3.Clicking the load actions button will open your folders.
4. From there navigate to the downloaded folder with the specific Photoshop actions file you have downloaded.
5. Now select the file and click Open.
6. After all this your Photoshop actions will be visible in the Actions Panel and you are ready to start using them!


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